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the president. acting like he would make everything better. >> climate change. >> what do you think the next four years will be like? >> i think it's going to get better. john: what will president obama do about immigration? >> and discernible. john: marijuana. >> i expect the federal government to come in. john: that is our show tonight. >> and now john stossel. ♪ john: to was that guy? anyway, this monday our nation's capital looked like a marquee when a new king is ground. thousands of plot, a cheer. many act like subjects worshiping nobility. economic troubles, why all the pomp? watching, i wondered, should our capital be called imperial washington? maybe ago to far. senator john barrasso attended the inauguration joining us from washington. my imperial washington seems to be a minority opinion. in my being unfair? >> i have been to every inauguration since i was in my dad took me to john kennedy's inauguration this inauguration, i tell you, i am less concerned about what happens one day than i am concerned about what this president plans to do for the next four years as an imperial pr
john kerry is president obama's choice for the next secretary of state. he has been quizzed by senators ahead of his recommendation. >> the issues like climate change and fighting disease are also priorities. he's expected to easily win approval for the job from the senate. to syria where authorities have called for a million-man prayer at mosques on friday in an effort to stem anti-regime demonstrations. >> the embattled president was also shown on state television praying with syria's spiritual leader to mark the birthday of the prophet mohammad. the fighting around damascus and other cities continues. a french woman who faced 60 years in a mexican jail on kidnapping charges is back in france. >> the 38-year-old was welcomed in paris by relatives and supporters. a mexican supreme court ruling on wednesday found that local police violated her human rights during their original investigation seven years ago when she was convicted and jailed for helping her husband run a kidnapping ring. the rhetoric from north korea is getting uglier. the country's military bowling to carry out more roc
for in the future. team obama's field director jeremy burd has decided his next job will be turning texas blue. he told politico: >>> as democrats are looking to expand the map, republicans are designciding if you can't beat cheat them. they are moving forward with a plan to change the system from winner take all to congressional district districts one. in november in virginia, president obama won 51% of the popular vote and received all 13 in the system. now here is what would have happened under the proposed 47 plan. president obama would have won 51% of the popular vote but just 4 of those votes. mitt romney would have received the other 9 votes. under the proposal mitt romney would have won 47% of the actual vote but would have been avoided 69% of the state's electoral votes. if you can't win honestly go this way. it is fascinating to me what he was doing in texas this summer knowing that he wasn't going to win it. and knowing what they can do with the changing demographics of the state. i think texas is a longer term process. democrats are plblowing it out. if you look at the population in th
hillary clinton first. >> for me, this is not just a matter of policy, it is personal. i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at andrews. i put my arms around the mothers and fathers the sisters and daughters and the wives left alone to raise their children. >> now, of course, people who believe that john boehner is the greatest speaker of the house criticized that saying there she is trying to bring emotional testimony into that. i don't know how you describe that scene without some emotional expression. >> i think the outcry, imagine if the tables were turned and there was a republican secretary talking about that and did so with the emotion that hillary clinton did and there was an outcry that it was fake and it was hood winked. >> let's take a look at john kerry. if you confirm me, i would take office as secretary proud that the senate is in my blood. but equally proud that so too is the foreign service. my father's work under presidents both democrat and republican took me and my siblings around the world for a personal jo
, this is not just a matter of policy. it's personal. i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at andrews. i put my arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the sons and daughters and the wives left alone to raise their children. >> and then senator ron johnson who she had a fiery exchange with later suggested maybe she faked her emotion to avoid answering his questions. just as some suggested she was faking her illness when she actually ended up in the hospital. is this sort of anti-hillary 2016 already under way? >> well, i don't know if it's 2016, but it's certainly anti-hillary. i don't know if we can behoove the republicans well to go down that particular road. they never really got a good narrative line on the benghazi tragedy. at first they kind of suggested the administration covered up the origins of the tragedy in order to somehow help them in the election. that always had odd lodgic to me. normally an attack on americans might actually help the incumbent party. be that as it may, then their argument morphed into
be the next barack obama. whether times are good or bad ♪ ♪ happy or sad >> and so we choose jason wu, who said he's so grateful to be part of american history. and we thank you for watching. we're always working for you at "nightline" later at its new time, 12:35 a.m. eastern and david muir will be anchoring this weekend. i'll see you again on monday.
, fox. >>> also, the obama/clinton alliance gets ready for its next close-up. barack and hillary clinton have been partners for four years and now they are doing a joint interview on "60 minutes." this is a fascinating event. president of the united states with a die wet with the secretary of state. something is up. >>> and what must joe biden be think being what he's going to watch on sunday night. can you ring it? republicans are looking to change the electoral vote system again. rigging it so the republicans can win. the 2012 result that looked like this in the five battleground states where obama won all the electoral states would look like this. that's all they have to do. if you can't get people to vote for you, you stack the deck. >>> let me finish with the collection of memorabilia about the life of jack kennedy. big story there. and this is "hardball," the place for politics. i even wrote a play about that. my symptoms were a pain in my abdomen and periods that were heavier and longer than usual for me. if you have symptoms that last two weeks or longer, be brave, go to the doct
and money. president obama has named a longtime foreign policy aide to be his next white house chief of staff. the president described him as a close friend not afraid to deliver a straight talk. mr. obamas said he played a key role in every national security decision of his administration. in northern mali, islamist militants destroyed when a strategic bridge. it is the bridge that thousands of african troops were planning to use to reinforce the battle against the rebels. even as the french-led military operation gathered strength, there are warnings of a humanitarian crisis. 350,000 people have been uprooted by the violence. we have this report from the central town. >> they may be hundreds of miles away from home, but these children still find a reason to play. 10 months ago, their family was forced to flee their home. armed militants were threatening them. the workforce in the women to cover their faces. this young unmarried woman says she was taken away and interrogated after she dared to speak to a male neighbor. >> they came and put their guns in my face. i followed them. the
suppliers to further investigate the issues. president obama is nominating mary jo white as the next leader for the sec. "if confirmed by the senate, i look forward to using all of my energies working with my fellow commissioners and the extremely dedicated and talented men and women on the staff of the sec." white is a former u.s. attorney and defense lawyer for white- collar crimes on wall street. she famously took down mob boss john gotti. "she's a bit of an unknown on wall street. we know she's a tough prosecutor and she's never been in any kind of financial services job. the sec is more than just prosecuting bad people, it's also a regulatory body, about writing regulations, so i think wall street is going to take a wait- and-see attitude." that was james bianco of bianco research. the president also wants richard cordray to continue his role in leading up the consumer financial protection bureau. legislation that would dramatically change america's gun laws is now on the table. lawmakers have unveiled the assault weapons ban of 2013, a bill that would prohibit assault weapons and high
federal funding. and we've learned that president obama has chosen his next chief of staff. trusted adviser and national security expert dennis mcdonough will take over for jack lew. lew is the president's nominee for treasury secretary. mcdonough has been advising president obama on foreign policy for nearly a decade and has played a key role in all the president's major national security decisions, including the end of the iraq war, the repeal of don't ask, don't tell, and the withdrawal from afghanistan. an official announcement is expected in about an hour. >>> the president's former challenger mitt romney will be in town today for a rare appearance. he's attending a luncheon hosted by philanthropist kathleen reynolds and bill marriott jr. at the marriott hotel downtown. marriott jr. has rejoined the board of directors after leaving in 2011 to run for the white house. he chose not to attend the inauguration monday, the first nominee to do so since michael dukakis back in 1989. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with a look at the forecast. >>> normally, it's boring a
. will it work? we will take that up in the "chalk talk" next. lou: well, certainly it is not just the obama administration on the attack against our second amendment rights. his pals and the liberal media are pretty revved up as well. a recent editorial in the new york times reads, and i quote, those who believe as we do that the second amendment does not provide each american with an absolute right to own guns must recognize that this position can alienate sympathetic listeners and is not likely to prevail any time soon. talk about real politics. rather humble of the new york times to acknowledge such. the times is, however, one of many publications trying to restrict our second amendment. a new study by the media research center finds 18 of the top 20 newspapers in this country published pro-gun control editorials over 01 months time frame from a december last year to the mid january of this year. that two newspapers that did not , the "wall street journal," the orange county register, thank you. thank you. over that same time there were a total of 92 editorials on guns. encouraging. nine
to be confirmed as secretary of state next week. >>> and today, schools nationwide are being told by the obama administration that they must give disabled students equal access to extracurricular sports. not complying schools could lose federal funding. >>> looking at today's weather. bitter cold with a few inches of snow in the northeast, ohio valley and great lakes. icing from atlanta to nashville. rain in the southwest. rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. >>> and finally, a late-night laugh-a-thon a decade in the making. for then years, jimmy kimmel has been closing the show with apologies to matt damon, there never being time to have damon on. >> last night, matt damon got his revenge. >> welcome to tonight's episode of jimmy kimmel sucks. i'm your host, matt damon. you're going to be loyal to me now? >> yes, my lord. >> i'm sorry, guillermo. i just can't believe that. buen buenos noches, my friend. ladies and gentlemen, i took the liberty of hiring my own guillermo. welcome legendary actor, andy garcia. why don't you say hello to the new band leader. this is sheryl crow. he's
you. next up, the obama administration clears women for combat operations, but is that a smart thing to do? we'll hear both >> bill: in the impact segment, the obama administration announcing that women in the military will now be able to go on combat operations. the "new york times" celebrating with the headline that says, equality at the front line. you may have noticed that equality is a new buzz word for the progressive movement. economic equality, marital equality, and now combat equality. joining us from washington, captain pete, served in iraq and afghanistan. and from tucson, arizona, martha mcsally, the first woman to fly combat operations in the air force from witch which she retired as a full colonel. so you support the decision, colonel. correct? >> yes, i do, bill. >> bill: and why? >> well, it's really long overdue. i mean, just in case anybody didn't get the memo, women actually already are serving in combat operations. they're out patrolling, previously in iraq and now in afghanistan. they're engaging with the population as part of our counter insurgency strait jesus
. this is personal. it stood next to president obama as the marines carried the flag-draped caskets off the plane at andrews. >> andrea: it sounds familiar, doesn't it? 2008 maybe? >> this is very personal for me. it's not just political. it's not just public. i see what is happening. we have to reverse it. >> bob: what is wrong with that? she next to caskets getting off an airplane and getting choked up. >> andrea: that is not the point. the point i'm making is this. she cried a couple hours later, she won that new hampshire primary. she has been painted as a victim. it works. if she does run, if she wants to, i don't think we are done with hillary clinton. >> bob: the inference is she has done it for political reasons. i don't believe that for a second. >> greg: if she wins the white house bill is back in the white house so break out the plastic covering for furniture. >> andrea: you're right, politicians don't do things for political reasons. whatever. coming up, romance is brewing between mark zuckerberg and new jersey mayor chris chris christie. some democrats aren't happy about it and tryin
's nomination to a full senate vote early next week. president obama has appointed former new york prosecutor mary jo white to head the securities and exchange commission and a second term rid appearing on thursday, obama urged the senate to grant her a speedy confirmation. >> i am confident she has experience and resolve to tackle these complex issues and protect the american people in a way that a smart and in a way that is fair. i expect the senate to confirm mary jo as soon as possible so she can get to work. >> mary jo white would be the first former prosecutor to head the sec, a critical position for the oversight of wall street. while supporters of bills for her nomination as tougher and financial regulation in the second term, she also brings the job, a resume, of defending top financial institutions as a white-collar defense attorney. her client list includes former bank of america head ken lewis, the board of morgan stanley, and the firm jpmorgan chase. in a statement, the consumer advocacy watchdog group public citizen expressed cautious optimism over her appointment, calling her "
with them. >> i certainly don't. >> bill: that's right. thank you. next up, the obama administration clears women for combat operations, but is that a smart thing to do? we'll hear both sides next [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. ♪ i [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points 've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply. >> bill: in the impact segment, the obama administration announcing that women in the military will now be able to go on combat operations. the "new
. erin? >> all right, thanks very much to you, mary. >>> "outfront" next, the obama administration very concerned about the terror threat in northern africa, warning americans to stay away. >>> and later, facebook's ceo likes chris christie. i know where those two met. will the other tech leaders throw their support behind the gop? >>> welcome back to the second half of "outfront." we start with stories where we focus on reporting from the front lines. we begin with north korea, which warns it plans to carry out a nuclear test that targets the united states, the supposed sworn enemy of the korean people. in the u.s., meanwhile, defense secretary leon panetta says he's very concerned with north korea's continuing provocative behavior, but says that the u.s. is fully prepared to deal with. gordon chang, though, the author of "nuclear showdown: north korea takes on the world" says panetta's remarks are refreshingly candid, but says we should be paying attention, because north korea's words are an escalation in the rhetoric, and this time he thinks north korea has the capability to actually
. >>> "outfront" next, the obama administration very concerned about the terror threat in northern africa, warning americans to stay away. >>> and later, facebook's ceo likes chris christie. i know where those two met. will the other tech leaders throw their support behind the gop? we're all having such a great year in the gulf, we've decided to put aside our rivalry. 'cause all our states are great. and now is when the gulf gets even better. the beaches and waters couldn't be more beautiful. take a boat ride or just lay in the sun. enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty. and don't forget our amazing seafood. so come to the gulf, you'll have a great time. especially in alabama. you mean mississippi. that's florida. say louisiana or there's no dessert. brought to you by bp and all of us who call the gulf home. so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely looking up. [
in the next couple weeks. >>> president obama has nominated a tough former prosecutor to head the securities and exchange commission, mary jo white with an extensive record prosecuting white collar crime in new york. she helped put away john gotti and convicted the persons responsible for the world trade center bombing in 1983. white's nomination heads to the senate now. >>> it's a new congress and perhaps a new opportunity to achieve statehood for the district of columbia. delaware senator tom carper introduced a bill to make d.c. the 51st state. three fellow democrats co- sponsored the legislation, barbara boxer, richard durbin and petition murray. eleanor holmes norton has introduced a similar bill in the house. >>> trough has big plans for the future. the agency unveiled an expensive plan for new tunnels and stops across the area. we'll break it down coming up. also ahead. >> what i went through was real, the feelings, the pain, the sorrow. that was all real. >> manti te'o on the fake girl friend hoax and for the first time we're marrying the voice of the alleged prank -- hearing the voi
obama. yeah, the next presidential campaign a long way off, plenty of if -- most notably if hillary clinton is going to run. and cuomo is already positioning himself. biden said there are a whole lot of reasons i wouldn't run. he will be 74 on election day. he said i don't have to make that decision for a while. he went to the iowa state inaugural ball and he told party goers he was proud to be president of the united states prompting tears, and quickly corrected himself. i'm proud to be vice president of the united states. and he attended a ball honoring environmentalists. that's us, the green ball. >> that's right. >> stephanie: and other balls. he said i don't intend to let these four years go by without getting a hell of a lot done. [ applause ] >> i love that picture of him in the west wing in the vice presidential hallway. >> stephanie: yeah. we got a white house situation -- we got a little picture -- and they change the picture like almost every week -- >> once a week. >> except the one of the boy touching the president's hair. >> yeah. they have the most ama
will be in the hot seat. >> i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag draped caskets. i was foe focused on keeping our people safe. what difference at this point does it make. >> had i been president at the time i would have relieved you of your post. >> she opened up crying, which is part of the script. >> teflon? that's hillary clinton. >> not search going to be able to be a combat soldier, but everyone is entitled to a chance. >> in a prisoner of war situation. >> horrible things happen to men in prisoner of war situations. >> yeah. >> my colleagues and i are introducing a bill. >> i don't view it as gun control, i view it as gun safety. >> obama wants to turn the idea of absolutism into a dirty word. >> people are accusing me of having crazy eyes. >> do you want another concord bridge? i got some buddies. >> 45 shots in a minute. >> i know a lot about guns. >> roll with it. have some fun. tip of the day. >> let's get right to it. we're joined by toure, my colleague and the co-host of "the cycle" and by democratic strategist julian epstein. julian, the vice president
next, it turns out that president bush and obama have something in common. we will tell you what when we continue. and up tomorrow, best-selling author joins us. foreign policy adviser, fox contributor. republican strategist among those who are here tomorrow night. you with us. send us an e-mail. the "a-team" is next. ♪ >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity and turn your life upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind. >> announcer: just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock to relentlessly protect what matters most... [beeping...] helping stop crooks before your identity is attacked. and now you can have the most comprehensive identity theft protection available today... lifelock ultimate. so for protection you just can't get anywhere else, get lifelock ultimate. >> i didn't know how serious identity theft was until i lost my credit and eventua
. >> president obama nominated general rodriguez. president obama also nominated mary jo white as the next chairman of the sec. he we nominated richard cordray -- re-nomicnated richard cordra. >> good afternoon, everybody. over the last four years, i've talked about how shared prosperity from wall street to main street depends on regulation to protect americans from the irresponsible actions of a few. that is why we have passed tougher reforms to protect our financial system from the abuse that nearly brought the economy to its knees. today there are rules to help responsible families buy a home or send their child to college without worrying about being tricked out of their life savings. there are rules to make sure that financial firms that do the right thing are not undermined by those that don't do the right thing. and there are rules to end taxpayer-funded wall street bailouts once and for all. but it is not enough to change the law. we need cops on the beat to enforce the law. that is why today i am nominating mary jo white to lead the securities and exchange commission and renominat
with students first is important. would i rather be in dc as the chancellor? absolutely. >> barack obama is projected to be the next president of the united states. >> they thought success would breed success. >> their leadership told the members, "no, just say no." >> he was in a positioto mak demas, a he didn't >> he's the first nobel peace prize winner with a kill list. >> now he gets another chance to be the guy who united the country. >> frontline takes you inside obama's presidency. >> go to for a closer look at the landscape f education reform in america. read adell cothorne's federal whistleblower suit and yesterday's announcement y the us department of education that it did not identify widespread cheing in response to her cplai. and connect to the frontline community on facebook and twitter or tell us what you think at >> frontlinis made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. and by the corporation for public broadcasting. major support for frontline is provided by the john d. ancatherine marthur f
covered w40us lawn. maybe it can be used for next year's white house christmas card. >>> and the buzz at the white house today was president obama being bothered by a fly during his news conference to announce two top financial regular la tore nominees. the fly darted around the president eye head and at one point landed right in the middle of his forehead. that's your morning dish of scrambled politics. >>> that was a good photo. the weather story obviously will cause a lot of headics for people as you drive this morning and later came. first, it's cold once again as advertised. so this is a light fluffy snow. to the south we have to deal with freezing rain and ice. the windchill, it's dangerous outside today at the bus stop or heading outside for any extended period of time from albany to boston northwards. also still pretty cold, windchills in the northern plains. so now for the though and ice and in some cases a little bit of freezing rain. we're looking at the freezing rain potential, areas of pink. so extreme northeast corner of arkansas and then a good chunk of northern alabama
events for president obama's re-election campaign. he will host an event for christie next month at his home in california. >>> the unbearable deep freeze menacing millions of americans is delivering yet another day of biting cold temperatures, as the dangerous winter weather blows into the east and south. you can now add more snow and ice into the frigid mix. abc's tahman bradley has the latest. >> reporter: this morning, the arctic air that's making life miserable for millions is marching south. in huntsville, alabama, salt trucks are standing by. they're prepping around knoxville, tennessee. >> we're expecting the worst. you always expect the worst. >> reporter: while the midwest and northeast remain frozen -- >> got 20 layers on. body warmers, hand warmers, foot warmers. >> reporter: a new round of ice and snow is bearing down on 15 states from ohio to alabama. this cold blast, which has taken over one-third of the country, is dangerous. look at what firefighters in chicago had to battle. weapon, that's burning ice. conditions weren't much better for firemen in lawrence, massachuset
today president obama will name the next white house chief of staff, we expect it to be dennis mcdonough, he's been at the white house four years and serves as the deputy national security adviser, mcdonough replaces jack lew who is now the president's nominee for treasury secretary. >>> for the first time president obama and secretary of state hillary clinton will appear in an interview together. it will air this sunday on cbs's "60 minutes." clinton is expected to leave her role as secretary of state as soon as john kerry is confirmed, possibly next week. cbs also points out this is the first interview obama has done with someone other than his wife. >>> tomorrow thousands of people are expected to march silently on washington in support of gun control. the event will include residents from newtown as well as pastors, doctors, lawmakers and victims of other mass shootings. they're asking congress to ban military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and require background checks. speaking at the event is actress and activist kathleen turner and of course you remember
. >>> the senate is poised to vote next week on a bill sending billions of dollars of aid to victims of superstorm sandy. victims could receive more than $50 billion in federal aid if it passes. president obama says he'll sign the measure which has already passed in the house. some fiscal conservatives could complicate things, saying the bill would add to the national debt. they want spending cuts in other places to offset the money in the package. >>> incredible pictures of a dramatic rescue in australia this morning. a 14-year-old boy was caught in raging floodwaters clinging to a tree. a rescuer was able to get to the boy and after struggling against the current, get him back to safety. there have been more than 20 swift water rescues in queensland. torrential rain caused heavy flooding and cut off roads including highways. >>> baseball fans are saying final goodbyes to a st. louis legend. hundreds of cardinals fans waited in line outside you a church in the city to pay respect to stan the man musial. he passed away saturday at his home in the the age of 92. he spent all 22 years of his career
the filibuster again, he said, president obama might as well just take the next four years, vacation, go to hawaii, because he is not going to get anything done. it's certainly, certainly going to be more difficult. in albuquerque, until, what do you say, mike? >> senator merkley himself, called them out. we know the names of at least three of them who sided with harry reid on this. barbara boxer and dianne feinstein from california are two of the main ones. >> bill: i don't understand. yes realize barbara boxer had too. they have been there a long time. you would think if they had been there a long time they would understand how broke it is. right? caller: that's what i am saying. i think we really need to shine the light on what senator merkley did because apparently he is taking a lot of heat from his fellow senators from blaking that blue wall of silence and naming people so that we can talk about them without it happening in secret, and i think that -- you know, i think he should be on some talk shows. he should be -- his name shall be called out a
kerry. she called him the right choice for the job. >>> next week a vote in the senate sends billions of aid dollars to victims superstorm sandy or not. president obama already said he'll sign the bill. others say it will add to the national debt. >>> there is a new bill in congress this morning making the district of columbia the nation's 51st state. delaware senator tom carper and three others are sponsoring a bill giving d.c. full statehood. it's not expected to pass. but many say it's a promising sign that support for statehood is at least growing. delegate eleanor holmes -- it would name d.c. the new columbia ziefrm a bill allowing gay marriage in rhode island after a landslide approval in the house of representatives, it faces uncertainty in the rhode island state senate which has voted down every same-sex marriage bill since 1997. rhode island is the only state in new england to not allow same-sex marriages. it's currently legal in nine states plus d.c. >> a lawyer is suing one of d.c.'s most prominent law firms. she says they fired her for taking time off to adopt a child. pam
and ensure transparency of capital markets. >>> next week, the senate foreign relations committee is expected to approve the nomination of senator john kerry. to be the next secretary of state. the committee held a confirmation hearing for president obama's nominee yesterday. the massachusetts democrat has served on the senate foreign relations committee for 28 years and was the chair until the nomination by the president. he said the country must get its fiscal house in order so that it can lead worldwide. >>> here's the other stories now. on monday the senate is going to vote whether or not to provide help financial help for victims of superstorm sandy. the bill is going to provide more than $50 billion in emergency relief and lawmakers in new york, new jersey and connecticut say that money is desperately needed right now to help rebuild the homes and the businesses that were devastated. fiscal conservatives though want the equal amount of spending cuts in order to avoid adding to the national debt. >>> new jersey has adopted some new construction standards in the high risk flood zones. thi
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